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 Stealez GM App~!

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PostSubject: Stealez GM App~!   Sun Sep 14, 2008 12:07 am

1. Name/Age/Gender - Luke/Pedokitteh, 15, Male, F3.

2. Character Name - Stealez/AhoyMatey, If you are on AhoyMatey's BL, Add Stealez!

3. Time Zone - GMT -6:00 CENTRALX TIME ZONE, Baby.

4. Where do you Live? - OKLAHOMA! Wewt. I am a mini Cowboy. F2.

5. How Long Have You Played Retail MS? - SINCE BETA! And I watched my Korean friend play KoreanMS For about a year. F3.

5. Have You Been A GM Before? - Yes, ONCE.

A ) If So Where Have You Been A GM? - ForbiddenMS!

B ) What Experience Do You Have As A GM? - I Know that you have to be kind, trustworthy, STRICT, Friendly, Helpful, Known. I Know MSL/MSB's Rules since they are the same, I also know that you must be strict to hackers since they are ruining the gameplay and fun for Others, And cheating for Rankings. I Know most of the hacks since I've hacked in GlobalMS And I'm known in Combat Arms for being in a group called FMBX,(A Hacker leveling Society) And quit it, Since i'm in the top 10. F3.
I Know what it feels like to be Banned, Jailed, Or Suspended. I Will not just Automaticaly Ban you, I will warn you, then put the screenshot I have on the forum and Ban you. I will also help Anyone with any errors, Bugs, or Problems, I will not tolerate any kind of Bulling, Being mean/rude to other Players or to GMs.

6. Why Should We Pick You? - I Am thoughtful, Kind, Wise, Helpful, Knowledgeable, and Trustworthy. I Will help ANYONE No matter what the Circumstances with any problems, I am a kind of like a Counsler in a way, I am very Understandable, and will not break any of the rules, and will not Let Anyone break the rules Either, I am responsible to hold my Oath if I am Chosen. I am Respectful for my Courage, Bravery, Smartness, Caringness, And Wiseness.
I have been trying to come a GM For the past couple Months, and I am regretting that Cruise Trip, Since that day could have been my chance to become a GM, And I missed it. Damm priced Internet. LOL! Oh well. I Have been a Smod on the 1st MSL Forums in Late July.

7. About Yourself - Here is my Weekly Blog, As awalys. THIS TIME, Speshul about my cruise ship trip. <3 :
As some know, I Went on a Cruise to Alaska, The freezing Gold State. F3.It was the coldest place on earth. It was fun there except for the Kyaking in Jueanu, The capital. I saw Palins' house, It's freaking HUGE! The Kyaking was SUCKY. I was stuck with my Grandmother, and she's Weak and Fragile, So I told her to sit down and let me paddle, I Regret that. My muscles hurt like heck after we were done, and she saw a WHALE and I didn't. I was pissed. F3.
Next Port of Call was SKAYWAY. That was FUN!!!! My mom and I went on a Boring Suspension bridge, But we saw HUGE Rapids, and some people KYAKING IN IT. What fools, xD. After that, we went DOGSLEDING! those dogs are Fast and Strong; we got to Pick which dogs we Wanted for the Team, and Surprisingly, I Got the strongest. <3. After the Dogsleding, I got to hold A puppie husky~ It was so cute and tiny~ It reminded me of Cindy's Cuteness~<3 it even fell asleep in my arms! It was so cold there and my shirt/jaket was so warm~ LOLF3. I had a fun time there.
Next Port of Call was Tracy Arm Fjord. We didn't even dock, we sailed right past it. It was pretty with houses on the Hills Sticking out. Lol. There was a Round hill, and a house was on it, and it made it look like a boob. LOL. I laughed so hard at it that a Tree fell. O.o Then I laughed even Harder and people around me Gasped at the falling tree. That's pretty much it for Tracy Arm.
Next and LAST Port of Call was PRINCE RUPERT, Canada.
My mom and I went on a Zodiac (Very small High Speed boat) And I was so close to a whale, that I TOUCHED IT, And it dived underwater and splashed me. LOL! We saw a Yellow Jellyfish, a Seal carrying fresh-kill (A fish) in it's mouth, about 50 Humpback Whales, AND A Killer Whale! The Orca Whale Jumped out of the water, And I got a Awesome picture of it. I Rode a scooter (Their type of Transportation) without needing a Liscense, Just a ID With my Age, and A short quiz with Driving questions, Simple ones. While on the Scooter, I Saw a HUGE Castle with a Gold door, a nice hill where people were sleeping or having a Picnic on, A freaking BIG Heat Lamp, and My mom on a Motorcycle. LOL.
After that we went to Seattle and then back Here. Thats pretty much it for my App/blog.
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PostSubject: Re: Stealez GM App~!   Sun Sep 14, 2008 1:20 am

Stealez wrote:
5. How Long Have You Played Retail MS? - SINCE BETA! And I watched my Korean friend play KoreanMS For about a year. F3.

1.my fren this is HErostory not retailms and not koreanms ether


3.ForbiddenMS doesn't have any strict ppl...a hacker used fast walk, dmg hack, item vac and etc hacks INFRONT OF A GM for 2hours and only got a warning thats not strict so if u were there the hacker would get banned
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PostSubject: Re: Stealez GM App~!   Sun Sep 14, 2008 5:35 pm

Quote :
5. Have You Been A GM Before? - Yes, ONCE.

A ) If So Where Have You Been A GM? - ForbiddenMS!

Omg lol every1 who plays forbiddenms can be gm in broa and bera is a hacking world lol
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PostSubject: Re: Stealez GM App~!   

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Stealez GM App~!
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