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PostSubject: GM APPLICATION   Sat Nov 28, 2009 2:58 am

Name: Mathias

Age: 14 Soon to be 15

Location: Northjylland, Denmark

Experience: Several years of MS Gaming, i am a "Gamer" and has been for a long time, i play games like Diablo, Warcraft, La Tale, Fiesta Online, WoW, Borderlands, Assasin's creed and LOTS of other games. Throughout my gaming i've gained a lot of experience by encrypting, decoding and massing files, and someday i am gonna work as a datatechnician, and software-developer. Also i've been working as Co-Admin, Admin, and all the levels of GM's. I've even made my own server in several Games such as WoW and MS.. That said I mean I am pretty qualified.

Why would i like to be a GM?: I'd like to be a GM to get to play Maplestory once again after SUCH a long time.. therefor i might be lacking the knowledge of the commands, but i am a great entertainer, and i love to host Events.

How will HeroStory benefit from me?
I am not saying that I myself is a benefit, but i think i am great company, because i've a great person, and people love chatting with me.
I am quite awesome at using my computer, at such thing as programming, and decoding, and i love setting my full focus into finishing a job.

Additional Info.
My entire everyday consists of computer gaming, and people can always rely on me, i am very good at keeping a conversation up, and as of now i am studying; English, German, French, and already know Danish(Primary language) Norwegian, and Swedish.

- You can contact me on MSN (Mati_kri111@hotmail.com) - Skype (Mati11141) and by E-mail (<----) Though i almost never check my e-mails tongue
Cya.. hopefully as partners Cool
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PostSubject: hmm   Sat Nov 28, 2009 5:08 pm

Btw i've already made an account.. so yeah :b!
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